Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deniro's Game - Rawi Hage

This is the story of two best friends: Bassam and George who are growing up during wartimes. "War is for thugs. Motorcycles are also for thugs, and for longhaired teenagers like us, with guns under our bellies and stolen gas in our tanks, and no particular place to go." p. 13 Life in Beruit seems chaotic, lawless and purposeless. Bombs rain down, people are killed -- whatever -- same old, same old. This seems to be the attitude of Bassam, the narrator of Deniro's Game.

George decides to find purpose for his life. He joins the neighbourhood militia and becomes a thug. This choice places a great strain on their friendship.

Although this novel was good and well written, I have no desire to read it again and little has stayed with me.

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